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Why Us

Thelonius Mind is a unique combination of World Leading experts in the field of neurodegeneration with a special focus on Parkinson disease and others movement disorders as well as rare diseases:

Complementary and integrated Expertise in clinical pharmacology, neurology, psychiatry, regulatory science and market access.
Extensive industry Experience in health product development
Efficiency in delivering tailored solutions including regulatory strategy.

THELONIUS MIND members have a robust track record as:

Principal investigators in more than 100 projects (pivotal clinical trials, research consortia, epidemiological studies)
Pioneers in clinical trial methodology and innovative clinical trial design.
Advisors to more than 50 companies (top 10 pharma companies and SME)
Academic leaders (chairperson of clinical neurology and pharmacology departments)
Chief medical officer in major international research foundation in rare disease area.
Regulatory position at the EMA (Membership of CHMP ans SAWP)
Industrial position as Head physician in a global CNS early clinical development unit in a big pharma.
Leaders of international networks and professional organizations (leadership in F-CRIN (French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network), COCHRANE, NS-PARK, ORPHANDEV, IPMDS (International Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society), IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiative scientific council), EAN (European Academy of Neurology) scientific panels, DHUNE (Center of Excellence for neurodegenerative disease).